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Physical Therapy for Shoulder pain

Shoulder Relief: Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain-Free Movement

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that can significantly affect your ability to perform daily activities and impact your quality of life. 

Whether you’re experiencing discomfort due to overuse, injury, or underlying medical conditions, seeking appropriate treatment is essential for finding relief and restoring function. 

Our team of skilled Physical Therapy for Shoulder pain specializes in diagnosing and treating shoulder pain, helping you overcome limitations and regain optimal shoulder health.

Physical Therapy for Shoulder pain

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Shoulder Pain?

Physical therapy offers a comprehensive approach to managing shoulder pain by addressing underlying issues such as muscle imbalances, joint dysfunction, and poor biomechanics. 

Through a combination of targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and functional training, physical therapists can help alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore strength and stability to the shoulder complex. 

Additionally, our team provides education on proper ergonomics, posture, and injury prevention strategies to support long-term shoulder health and prevent future episodes of pain.


Shoulder pain symptoms may include:

  • Dull, aching pain in the shoulder joint
  • Sharp or stabbing pain with movement
  • Difficulty reaching overhead or behind the back
  • Limited range of motion
  • Muscle weakness or stiffness
  • Swelling or inflammation around the shoulder

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, seeking professional evaluation and treatment is essential for effectively managing your shoulder pain and preventing further complications.

What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain can have various causes, including:

  • Rotator cuff injuries or tears
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Arthritis or degenerative joint disease
  • Bursitis or tendonitis
  • Shoulder instability or dislocation
  • Traumatic injury or overuse

Identifying the specific cause of your shoulder pain is crucial for developing an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

Our experienced team at L.I. Care Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying issues contributing to your pain and create a personalized approach to address them.

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Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking preventive care, we’re here to support you on your journey to a pain-free shoulder and improved well-being. 

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